Mouse Trap, 6 Pack (3 Big, 3 Small) Safe Snap Rat Traps that Kill Instantly


  • 🐭Effective and Professional – Mice traps for indoors holding a unique shark tooth design with a strong lure mouth and super sensitive pedals. Once the mouse is caught, it will immediately be killed and the mouse will suffer less pain to die.
  • 🐭Safe Design Style – Compared to the traditional method, this mouse trap abandoned the finger-touched design, and adopt the indirect way to set up and put bait, which is safer for humans. Because you also don’t have to touch the mouse while removing it or putting a bait. With our sensible rat trap, catch mice and avoid mice to come again.
  • 🐭No more Danger – An environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-quality ABS material is used in its construction. Mouse traps protect your home from harmful organisms and ensure the safety and hygiene of your home. It also eliminates the trouble of using a finger and avoids finger injury.
  • 🐭Easy Setup – FURZON mouse trap is very easy to install. You just need to have aromatic bait like peanut, cheese, bacon, etc. Remove bait station, put food and insert it back. Place the trap on a firm surface and press down the clamp to open it. Release the dead rodent in the garbage and reuse it to get rid of unwanted rats.
  • 🐭Wide Use Mouse Trap – FURZON helps you to eradicate mice from your home completely. Our rat trap comes for each size of a rat. The box contains 3 large and 3 small traps. It is efficient indoors and outdoor. The more trap work, the more it becomes successful to catch a mouse. You can use it anywhere garden, office, kitchen, warehouse, garage, and cellars.

FURZON designed a new style of mouse trap to deal with disgusting mice. It is a quick way to get rid of unwanted creatures. The simple design is made up of ABS high-quality plastic material that is environmentally friendly. There is no need to touch the traps because it abandoned the risk of a finger injury and keeps your hand’s germs free.

FURZON designed rat traps that kill instantly and keep your place safe from harmful organisms. The wide-use mice trap works for both indoors and outdoor like homes, offices, garages, gardens, warehouses, kitchens, and cellars. There is no complication in its setup. Rotate the bait station clockwise, place bait in it, and insert it back. Place the trap on a solid surface and open its clamp. Once the rat is caught throw it in the garbage. Rat traps have strong and unique shark tooth designs and sensitive pedals. Only 0.025 lbs of weight can trigger the trap. With powerful stainless steel springs, these traps are suitable to catch small mice.

FURZON rat traps package include

✔️ 3 small Mousetrap

✔️ 3 Large Mousetrap

All the things come in strong packaging

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