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Exfoliating Body Scrub Gloves Shower Bath Mitt Loofah Skin Massage Sponge

Self-care does not get better than this!

  • Introducing these extraordinary exfoliating gloves which not only have remarkable health benefits but are also eco-friendly.
  • Take the time to exfoliate and love your skin – these gloves are suitable for all skin types and because they are made from bamboo they are naturally anti-bacterial and breathable, unlike most polyester versions.
  • They provide the perfect exfoliating texture to wash away dead surface cells while boosting circulation and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation for silky smooth & radiant skin.
  • If that is not enough, health-giving Anions are released which help discharge the body of positive ions we receive from the electronic devices of modern-day life.
  • They also release far Infrared waves which help energize the body and metabolism and regulate body temperature.


Easy to put on and take off

– Designed using natural Bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial and mildew free.

– Excellent with soap, body scrubs, shower gels, or sea salts.

– Easy to wash, machine washable, and dry quickly.

– Very stretchy, one size fits most hands, perfect for kids, women, and men