3PCS Set Children Pencil Holder Pen Writing Aid Grip Posture Correction Tools UK


100% Brand New and Premium Product. Help parents easily solve the problem of how to guide children on how to hold the pen.

With non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly soft silicone material. Effectively reducing the child’s grip pen pain, intimate design. Absolutely safe and environmentally friendly

It is important to hold the pen correctly: 1. When in primary school, kids study for more than 6 hours every day and with heavy homework. In primary school, children’s bones are in the development stage,

if the children hold the pen not correct in reading and writing, as time passes, it is likely to cause bone deformation, myopia, and other problems.

2. Holding the pen too close will lead to a smaller range of vision. In order to expand the range of vision, the child has to look sideways. As time goes by the sight of a great impact.

3. The closer kids’ eyes are to the book, the greater the intensity of kids’ eyes. As your kids do homework for a long time, your kid’s eyes are likely to become short-sighted.

Features:     Useful for holding the pen correctly. Hollow design, comfortable and breathable. Soft Silicone material, strong toughness, not easy to be broken.

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