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2x Silicone Gel Heel Sleeves Cracked Foot Skin Care Protector Blister Prevention


Gel Heel Protectors Sleeve Heel Cups for Heel Pain Relief, Blister, Dry Cracked Heel, Plantar Fasciitis, Relieve Pressure, Anti-Cracking

·      Silicone material is lightweight, breathable, soft, and comfortable. 
Preventing and repairing cracking or peeling, softening dead skin, and improving the rough skin of the foot. 
·      Heel can provide enough air for your feet to breathe. 
·      Anti-slip bottom design, add friction with shoes. 
·      It can be worn with socks or wore on bare feet
·      Alleviate various problems caused by flat feet or high arch. Correct  incorrect walking posture and massage feet to relieve foot
·      Relief of plantar fasciitis, heel tingling, and metatarsal pain.
·      Reusable and washable.
·      Absorbs shock and shear forces and Immediately relieves uncomfortable heel pain.

  • Gels are washable and reusable, and with proper care will continue to release skin-beneficial mineral oils throughout the life of the product.
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1x Heel protector

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